Day 2: Eurosurf Junior Games

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Day 2: Eurosurf Junior Games


Better weather and conditions that, despite calming slightly since day 1, were unruly and challenging greeted competitors on day 2 of competition. The wind had undoubtedly calmed, but the surf was still way overhead and the unwary could easily find themselves on the receiving end of a punishing lip crashing onto a shallow sand bar. But again the Juniors charged it, and if anything, the standard of performances went further than the previous day.



First in on podium 1 were the final heats of the first round of the U16 boys, with Portugal’s Joao Vidal and Lenni Jensen of Germany taking heat wins in the testing surf. Lenni Jensen in particular impressed, managing a heat total of 17.4 in the final heat of the round. Yael Pena of Spain continued his outstanding surfing from the first round, accruing a huge total in round 2, his 18.35 total had the rest of the field in combination situations....probably the guy to beat in this division.


Into the first round of the U14 boys and again the German juniors showed massive improvement for a country that isn’t usually considered a surfing nation....well....I don’t think that can be the case anymore on todays evidence. Both Tim Elter and Marco Teichner advanced into P2, with Teichner in particular shining. An interesting battle was also heat 1 of the first round, Stanley Norman (ENG) and Selyann Zouhir (MOR) trading waves and the lead until eventually the young Moroccan came out on top.

The day finished on podium 1 with the U18 girls, which saw dominant performances by the two Portuguese, Mafalda Lopes and Francisca Veselko. Both had heat winning outings, and both posted huge scores in doing so, which was especially impressive considering the tricky nature of the surf on the high tide.


Podium 2 again saw an array of difficult closeouts and wash throughs, which the bodyboard divisions again excelled in, finding the diamonds in the rough. Morocco, Spain and Portugal all had heat winners in the U18 and heat 3 even saw a tie for first place between Abderrahmane Berrouan of Morocco and Lucas Yafar of Spain, separated only by the Moroccans higher one wave score.


The U16 bodyboard division saw the conclusion of P2 and as was the case with the previous day and the U18s, Morocco, Portugal and Spain dominated. It will definitely make for intense an intense battle between the nations later in the event.


The event will commence at 9:00am tomorrow, with the U18 longboard on podium 1 and the U18 girls bodyboard on podium 2. The event can be followed via or via the ESF Facebook page.


The European Surf Federation would also like to thank it’s event sponsors;

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The results from day 2 and the schedule for day 3.